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Candidate Charter

Our Commitment

Our candidates will always be equally as important as our clients. The core values and behaviours required from Beacon Legal recruitment consultants are designed to reflect the principles and commitments set out in this Candidate Charter.

Working together

  • You will be treated with respect at all times.
  • We will be honest, even if it involves a difficult conversation. We will provide constructive feedback in a professional manner to manage your expectations.
  • We will respond to your queries within 2 business days.
  • We will listen to you and provide a personalised approach to your job search.
  • You will receive free, expert advice on developing your CV.
  • All information you give us will be handled confidentially, in accordance with our internal compliance procedures and privacy legislation.
  • We will not discriminate and are an equal opportunities employer.

Recruitment process

  • We will not put your details forward to any client until we have your permission.
  • We will provide timely and complete interview preparation for each interview.
  • You will be given accurate and constructive feedback, within 1 business day, after we receive a response from the interviewing company.
  • We will communicate job offers within 1 business day of the offer being received from the company.
  • We will conduct negotiations on your behalf in a professional manner and in line with your expectations.

After placement care

  • We will check in with you after your first day, first week, first month and then regularly thereafter.
  • We will check in regularly with your new Manager and ensure everything is going well.
  • Our whole ethos is based on relationships, we would love to take your for lunch and drinks every few months, or whenever you are free!

Contact us

We welcome any feedback you wish to provide on our performance. Please contact our Director: