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International placement services

Helping lawyers relocate is our specialism.

We place lawyers throughout Australia, London, Asia, the USA, the Middle East and the Cayman Islands. If you’re thinking about relocating, contact us┬áto request an in-depth ‘City Guide’ which will provide information specifically for foreign lawyers on your preferred location.

We have exceptional opportunities for globally mobile lawyers looking to enhance their work experience, enjoy life in a different country, take advantage of a favourable tax regime or all three!



Arguably the top commercial centre in the world. Historic, diverse and exciting, there are few, if any, better places to live and practice law.
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Australia's major cities feature in all lists of the world's best cities to live. Boasting a strong economy and some of the most high profile law firms across the globe, you can enhance your work experience and quality of life.
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Warm 'all year round' climate, top tourist destination, booming legal industry and 0% tax on income. What is there not to like?
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We work with law firms in Singapore, China and Japan, amongst others. Experience the diversity and culture Asia has to offer as well as the opportunity to work on cutting edge legal work at global elite firms.
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Cayman Islands

A rare place where you can combine a relaxed lifestyle with niche legal work. The favourable tax regime makes working offshore even more attractive.
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New York

New York is home to the most prestigious law firms in the world and the biggest salaries. New York is the pinnacle destination to combine a diverse, busy and exciting lifestyle with premier legal work.
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