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Back to research & insights Published by Alex Gotch - 8 months ago

Relocating to Brisbane: What you need to know

Brisbane is an excellent city for lawyers to live in, due to its established yet evolving legal market, exceptional quality of life, numerous opportunities for career advancement and competitive salaries for lawyers at all levels. The city boasts a relaxed lifestyle with access to stunning outdoor spaces as well as entertainment and cultural attractions, making it an ideal place for lawyers to further their career and enjoy a high quality of life.

This article is designed to give those considering relocating an insight into what it’s like to live and work in Brisbane, as well as the salaries and benefits on offer.

Brisbane Market Summary

The Brisbane legal market is a competitive and diverse environment, with a range of large and small firms offering legal services across various practice areas.

The Brisbane legal market is increasingly global, with firms regularly advising clients on cross-border transactions and international matters. The lawyers working at large law firms often work closely with their colleagues based in Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane has a world-renowned Energy and Resources sector and lawyers are exposed to cutting edge work. Overall, the work quality on offer in Brisbane is very good and is set to continue improving and developing as the region continues to evolve.

The market has undergone changes due to the pandemic, with firms adapting to remote work and virtual collaboration tools. Technology and innovation continue to drive progression in the market, with firms adopting new technologies to enhance efficiency and streamline processes.

Brisbane will play host to the Olympics in 2032 which will further drive the economy and infrastructure within the city and south-east Queensland.

Brisbane Renumeration

Brisbane Top-Tier Firms

Brisbane Mid-Tier Firms

Brisbane Lifestyle

Living in Brisbane can offer a great quality of life, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city’s many cultural and recreational activities. Some popular attractions in Brisbane include the South Bank Parklands, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Story Bridge Adventure Climb and the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art. Brisbane is also home to globally renowned sports teams such as the Brisbane Broncos who play in the NRL.

Brisbane generally experiences a subtropical climate with warm to hot temperatures throughout the year. In the summer months (December to February), temperatures typically range from 20°C to 30°C with occasional heatwaves. In the winter months (June to August), temperatures range from 9°C to 22°C.

Cost of Living

In 2021, Brisbane experienced a significant increase in house prices, marking the steepest annual climb in 13 years, due to the relentless demand for property induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in almost 400 suburbs in the city joining the million-dollar club, making it one of the most robust property markets in the country. While other parts of Australia experienced a slowdown in growth, Brisbane’s housing market continued to perform strongly in the first half of 2022. Brisbane still offers great value for money compared to other cities.

One of the contributing factors to this trend is significant internal migration, particularly from Victoria and New South Wales, as Australians seek more affordable property in lifestyle suburbs. The Federal Government predicts that Queensland’s population will grow by over 16% by the time Brisbane hosts the Olympic Games in 2032, with most Queenslanders expected to reside in Greater Brisbane. This also makes Brisbane property an attractive investment opportunity.

Top Benefits of Relocating to Brisbane

Career Opportunities: Brisbane is a major business hub and has a growing legal industry, which means there are plenty of opportunities for lawyers looking to build their career. Earnings potential: Brisbane salaries have increased significantly in recent years. Also, larger firms will pay for your relocation and visa if required.

Lifestyle: Brisbane is known for its warm weather and outdoor lifestyle. The city is situated near beautiful beaches, parks and hiking trails, making it an attractive location for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Affordability: Compared to other major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane has a lower cost of living, making it more affordable and providing a high quality of life for someone on a lawyers’ salary.

Proximity to other Destinations: Brisbane is located close to other popular Australian destinations like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, as well as the Great Barrier Reef. This makes it a great location for those who want to explore other parts of Australia.

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